Looking up at the Underbellies
Small Packages at the Lisa Coscino Gallery

Monterey County Weekly
December 14, 2000

In "Small Packages" at the Lisa Coscino Gallery in Pacific Grove, the focus is on how "working small" can communicate themes of meditative clarity and artistic perception. The show''s strength lies in its prints, paintings and photographs, for it is in these intimate genres that one can best follow the artist''s discerning eye to the "small" yet powerful places revealed via a fresh perspective.

An exemplary work is Nicole Strasburg''s Overpass Series. Eight views looking up at the underbellies of freeways in San Francisco would hardly seem to hold much promise as a subject for art, let alone for a series of small, delicate prints. Yet Strasburg''s keen aesthetic intelligence turns the ponderous, the ugly and the frenetic into quietly captivating images. Two monoprints by Strasburg, Grass/Field and Field/Gold, distill the experience of landscape to its core elements--meadow, wind, earth--yet this careful minimalism also hints at expansive layers and depth. "

"Small Packages" at the Lisa Coscino Gallery, 171 Central, Pacific Grove, runs until Fri., Jan. 5. Hours: Tues.-Wed. 11am-2pm, Thurs.-Sat. 11am-5:30pm and by appointment. For more info, call 646-1939.