With a minimalist approach to the landscape, my work interweaves naturalistic imagery and abstract sensibilities. My focus is composition and design inspired by natural forms. In the studio I compose from drawings and photographs, developing paintings by adding and subtracting elements, creating a refined statement about time, place and atmosphere.


My process comes from internal urgings and emotional influences rather than intellectual ones. The paintings are records of connections and the allure of knowing a place intimately. They show understanding of location and environment. I compose using series of photographs taken while out on hikes or long walks. The goal is simplicity, editing out all but the basic design structure. Color comes from the dialog with the painting and a visceral reaction to the experience in the field. I work on a several panels at the same time varying the viewer’s point of entry, the palette and altering the placement of horizon for optimal effect in the design.

The surfaces of the panels are built first with washes of color using large brushes or rags, then switching to small brushes to build out the forms of composition. Using the small brushes creates a texture on the panel that will later hold color from interim washes applied between the layers of thicker paint, thus creating an active surface, an interweaving of texture that has a feel of fabric. My attention to the surface of the paintings evolved from working on zinc plates in printmaking. Scraping, burnishing and re-etching a plate leaves traces of former ambitions from the initial composition. It is this evidence of the journey, the woven fabric of the marks, coupled with a dynamic composition, that is my goal with each painting.